New Year, New Courage

I’m Generation X, and while I grew up with computers, I find this new era of sharing on social media more than a little intimidating. Just the thought that whatever I post on the internet or social media is there FOREVER is scary. I tried to write journals when I was younger and when I went back to read my entries, I hated them. Journals, I can destroy. I can’t control the internet.

But, the internet is a wonderful, endless resource of knowledge, and I love it. If it weren’t for the courage of so many others who post their thoughts and experiences on the internet, I would suffer a lack of inspiration, education, and most important of all, laughter! My word, there are so many funny people posting on the web!

So today marks my foray in the world of sharing.

I think I’ll keep the comments turned off. I can only handle so much of this at once.


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