Congrats to the UConn Women’s and the Michigan State Men’s Basketball Teams!

My favorite teams are headed to the Final Four!

mich state logoI spent 3 or 4 years at Michigan State – and even joined the Women’s Track & Field Team – so I’m definitely a fan. I can’t say I’m a graduate because I transferred out before graduation, but Michigan State has a place in my heart, just as it does in the hearts of almost everyone who lives in the mid-Michigan area. I’m so glad to see the men’s team headed to the Final Four. It’s been awhile, and that part of the state can always use a win. The economic downturn hit the area really hard.

uconn logo fullJust last year I received a Law Master’s from the University of Connecticut, so lucky me, I get to proudly cheer for the dynasty which is the UConn Women’s Basketball team! They’ve won the championship a record ELEVEN times. Women’s basketball doesn’t get enough attention. These ladies are HARDCORE!

Besides igniting rivalries (who, me?) and creating alliances with friends, I think what I love the most about watching college basketball is witnessing the crazy energy these fantastic athletes possess. They are totally inspiring.