I’m Honored to be the Featured Alumni at DePaul’s International Studies Program

I can’t say my Bachelor’s years were easy, but one thing I never doubted was my love for the DePaul University International Studies Department. Thanks for reaching out to me, and thanks particularly to Haedyn Smith for the write-up, and to Professor Gil Gott for suggesting me as someone of interest!

New Year Again

rotary holiday hatI don’t know how you all feel, but this New Year feels more like a “new year” in the true sense of the words than ever before. I mean, I can tell you I don’t feel the same as I have on the January 1s of the past. In the U.S. we are under strict quarantine, with zero capacity in our hospital emergency wards. I’m not going anywhere. This is a problem, because I’m a social person. If I don’t get out or find an outlet, I risk getting depressed. So for the new year, I find myself summoning up all my courage and tenacity, and soldiering forward. I’m even typing here, on a blog I usually neglect! During quarantine, and in honor of the new year, I vow to evolve. Wish me luck – and good luck to you! We’re in this together.


This passage is as relevant now as it was when it was written:

“It was an affair that showed how scant knowledge and real fears can be magnified in a political arena, transmogrifying into certainties that no scientist could defend and pronouncements that were based more on hype than on fact. It eventually demonstrated the unerring ability of the press to ratchet coincidences into causal relationships and spark a panic.”

Gina Kolata, Flu (of the swine flu outbreak in 1976)

The New Year Brings Wonderful Rewards

It seems as soon as 2019 turned to 2020, I was suddenly flooded with wonderful news. I received a complimentary message about my most recent International Insurance Law publication from someone I consider to be one of the very top experts in the world, and I was invited to join a prestigious European insurance law group! Hard work does pay off, you just need to be diligent and consistent, even if it takes years. 🙂

In December I decided to run for Tiburon Town Council, and since then I have met people who are so wonderful that I’d like to make them my life-long friends! I’ve also been incredibly heartened by the tremendous offering of support. I think from watching television we Americans get the impression that the entire U.S. political system is negative and corrupt, but I have now witnessed, first-hand, the truly beautiful side of politics, and it really has me feeling hope for the future of our country.

I am also continuing my documentation work and writing, although during this campaign period they do admittedly take the back-burner. Luckily it only lasts until March 3. kd with mug

To learn more about my campaign, visit http://www.defeverfortowncouncil.com, and vote DeFEVER on March 3rd! 



My Documentation Project

Are you the survivor of a California wildfire? I’m now setting up interviews for my MisInsured documentation project. The wildfires had a much more far-reaching, devastating impact that the general public does not fully understand, and your story needs to be heard.

I am particularly interested in stories about the Tubbs Fire, but I am also happy to hear about experiences with other California wildfires.flyer filtered

Congrats to the UConn Women’s and the Michigan State Men’s Basketball Teams!

My favorite teams are headed to the Final Four!

mich state logoI spent 3 or 4 years at Michigan State – and even joined the Women’s Track & Field Team – so I’m definitely a fan. I can’t say I’m a graduate because I transferred out before graduation, but Michigan State has a place in my heart, just as it does in the hearts of almost everyone who lives in the mid-Michigan area. I’m so glad to see the men’s team headed to the Final Four. It’s been awhile, and that part of the state can always use a win. The economic downturn hit the area really hard.

uconn logo fullJust last year I received a Law Master’s from the University of Connecticut, so lucky me, I get to proudly cheer for the dynasty which is the UConn Women’s Basketball team! They’ve won the championship a record ELEVEN times. Women’s basketball doesn’t get enough attention. These ladies are HARDCORE!

Besides igniting rivalries (who, me?) and creating alliances with friends, I think what I love the most about watching college basketball is witnessing the crazy energy these fantastic athletes possess. They are totally inspiring.

New Year, New Courage

I’m Generation X, and while I grew up with computers, I find this new era of sharing on social media more than a little intimidating. Just the thought that whatever I post on the internet or social media is there FOREVER is scary. I tried to write journals when I was younger and when I went back to read my entries, I hated them. Journals, I can destroy. I can’t control the internet.

But, the internet is a wonderful, endless resource of knowledge, and I love it. If it weren’t for the courage of so many others who post their thoughts and experiences on the internet, I would suffer a lack of inspiration, education, and most important of all, laughter! My word, there are so many funny people posting on the web!

So today marks my foray in the world of sharing.

I think I’ll keep the comments turned off. I can only handle so much of this at once.